The following uses and other uses similar in character shall not be considered to meet the intent of this section:
   (a)   Nursing homes.
   (b)   Funeral homes, mortuaries and embalming establishments.
   (c)   Restaurants.
   (d)   Stables, kennels or veterinary hospitals.
   (e)   Tourist homes or the letting of rooming units.
   (f)   Clinics, hospitals or the general practice of medicine or dentistry.
   (g)   Clubs, including fraternities and sororities.
   (h)   Instruction of more than four students at a time except for occasional groups.
   (i)   Day care centers.
   (j)   Vehicle or boat repair, painting or body work.
   (k)   Construction equipment or materials storage.
   (l)   Equipment or vehicle rental.
   (m)   Sale of motor vehicles.
   (n)   Commercial parking lots.
   (o)   Major appliance repair.
   (p)   Any activity regulated by Special Use Permit in any zoning district.
(Ord. 2004-2.  Passed 12-13-04.)