The following process shall be utilized by the Village in the classification of a nonconforming use:
   (a)   All nonconforming uses shall be considered a Class II use until changed to a Class I use by the Planning Commission.
   (b)   Before the Planning Commission shall make a determination on a Class I request, a completed application must be filed with the Village.
   (c)   The Planning Commission may require a public hearing for any classification application.
   (d)   The Planning Commission shall utilize the criteria outlined in Section 1286.04 in making a determination on a nonconforming use classification.
   (e)   The Planning Commission may place reasonable conditions on a Class I nonconforming use.
   (f)   Nonconforming uses determined to be Class I by the Planning Commission shall file a final site plan with the Village which meets the requirements of Section 1296.05 and contains any conditions imposed by the Planning Commission.
(Ord. 2002-4. Passed 6-10-02.)