Uses permitted under special condition in the Town Center District shall be all of the following uses, which must be conducted wholly in a permanent, fully enclosed building and shall be subject to Site Plan Review pursuant to Chapter 1296:
   (a)   Antique stores, provided all displays and sales are conducted within a fully enclosed building, and provided also that no stripping of antiques and/or furniture is permitted on the premises;
   (b)   Bed and breakfast facilities, provided that no more than three bedrooms are provided for guests;
   (c)   Home occupations, provided that the occupation is an approved use within the Town Center District;
   (d)   Pet shops, provided that all animals and birds are kept entirely within the building at all times;
   (e)   Public buildings, such as post offices, libraries or similar public office buildings, provided that there is no outside storage and that such public uses serve primarily persons living within adjacent residential areas;
   (f)   Fur and dry cleaning “drop off and pick up” establishments, provided that services are limited to drop off and pick up and that the actual dry cleaning takes place at a different location.
   (g)   Group day care homes and adult foster care small and large group homes, provided that the conditions described in Section 1268.04(e) are met.
(Ord. 2001-5.  Passed 11-12-01; Ord. 2009-7.  Passed 12-14-09.)