(A)   The regulatory authority may suspend a permit for failure to comply with the requirements of this chapter and the rules and regulations of the adopted reference material stated in § 111.001. The regulatory authority shall notify the permit holder of the suspension by delivering a notice of suspension by hand or by mail to the business address. The regulatory authority shall provide the permit holder with a hearing on rescission of the suspension or reinstatement of the permit, if the permit holder requests such a hearing in writing during the period of suspension. If not terminated sooner, the suspension shall terminate when the suspended permit expires as provided herein.
   (B)   If the regulatory authority finds insanitary or other conditions in the operation of permit holder's business which in the judgement of the regulatory authority constitutes a hazard to public health, the regulatory authority may issue a written notice to the permit holder citing such conditions,  specifying the corrective action to be taken and a time frame for corrective action to the completed. Under such circumstances,  the regulatory authority shall suspend the permit as provided herein until corrective action is completed.
   (C)   If the regulatory authority suspends a permit,  the permit holder must immediately surrender the suspended permit to the regulatory authority and cease food service operations.
(Ord. passed 6-18-2009; Am. Ord. passed 5-30-2018)