1.   Except as provided by Subsection 2 of this section, every building and structure shall be separately and independently connected to the public sanitary sewer.
      2.   In the case of a duplex or an apartment complex, the General Manager of DMU may authorize the connection of more than one building or structure to the same building sewer if the General Manager of DMU finds that such connection will be satisfactory and convenient for the City and for present and future users of the buildings or structures.
      3.   The sewer from the building or structure to the connection to the public sanitary sewer shall be constructed and maintained by the owner of the building or structure.
      4.   When a private sanitary sewer is built to connect with a public sanitary sewer on an adjacent street, it shall be laid according to plans approved by the City Engineer.  Private sanitary sewers constructed on public property shall not run more than one hundred fifty feet parallel with the street.
(Ord. 1466 - May. 17 Supp.)