95.07    INSPECTION.
      1.   All connections to a public sanitary sewer shall be subject to inspection by the General Manager of DMU, or his designated representative.  The General Manager, or his designated representative, shall have the right to enter upon any premises for the purposes of making such inspection.
      2.   The person to whom a sewer connection permit has been issued shall give the General Manager notice that the connection is ready for inspection.  Such notice shall be given not less than 24 hours before the connection is to be inspected.
      3.   No person shall cause any connection to a public sanitary sewer to be covered before the connection has been inspected and approved by the General Manager of DMU.
      4.   If the General Manager of DMU finds that a connection to a public sanitary sewer does not comply with this chapter and all other applicable statutes and regulations, the General Manager shall deliver to the person to whom the sewer connection permit was issued a written statement of the changes necessary to comply with said chapter, statutes, and regulations.  The person to whom the permit was issued shall make the necessary changes within fifteen days after the written statement is delivered.
(Ord. 1466 - May. 17 Supp.)