40.16    STENCH BOMBS.
   No person shall throw, drop, pour, explode, deposit, release or expose any stench bomb or tear bomb, or any liquid, gaseous or solid substance or matter of any kind that is injurious to persons or property, or that is nauseous, sickening, irritating or offensive to any of the senses, in or about any theater, restaurant, car, structure, place of business or amusement or any place of public assemblage, or to attempt to do any of these acts, or to prepare or possess such devices or materials with intent to do any of these acts.  This provision does not apply to duly constituted police, military authorities, prison officials or peace officers in the discharge of their duties, or to licensed physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other similar persons licensed under the laws of the State, or to any established place of business or home having tear gas installed as a protection against burglary, robbery or holdup, or to any bank messenger or other messenger carrying funds or other valuables.