The Police Chief has the following powers and duties subject to the approval of the Council. 
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])
      1.   General.  Perform all duties required of the Police Chief by law or ordinance.
      2.   Enforce Laws.  Enforce all laws, ordinances, and regulations and bring all persons committing any offense before the proper court.
      3.   Writs.  Execute and return all writs and other processes directed to the Police Chief.
      4.   Accident Reports.  Report all motor vehicle accidents investigated to the State Department of Transportation. 
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 321.266)
      5.   Prisoners.  Be responsible for the custody of prisoners, including conveyance to detention facilities as may be required.
      6.   Assist Officials.  When requested, provide aid to other City officers, boards, and commissions in the execution of their official duties.
      7.   Investigations.  Provide for such investigation as may be necessary for the prosecution of any person alleged to have violated any law or ordinance.
      8.   Record of Arrests.  Keep a record of all arrests made in the City by showing whether said arrests were made under provisions of State law or City ordinance, the offense charged, who made the arrest and the disposition of the charge.
      9.   Reports.  Compile and submit to the Mayor and Council an annual report as well as such other reports as may be requested by the Mayor or Council.
      10.   Command.  Be in command of all officers appointed for police work and be responsible for the care, maintenance, and use of all vehicles, equipment, and materials of the department.
      11.   (Repealed by Ord. 1525 - Jun. 20 Supp.)
      12.   Street Closures. Temporarily allow the closure of City streets for special events, if it is determined that the event can be reasonably accommodated and will not disrupt the normal flow of traffic beyond the time needed for the event.
(Ord. 1512 - Dec. 19 Supp.)