The purpose of this title is to provide for the administration and enforcement by the city of Deming of the technical codes adopted by the state of New Mexico and to provide minimum standards for the protection of life, environment, public safety, and welfare, and for the conservation of energy in the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and residences. The regulations as set out in the following articles of title 14 of the New Mexico administrative code and regulations specifically adopted by the city of Deming are hereby incorporated by reference in this title, and shall include later amendments and editions.
2006 New Mexico commercial building code
2006 international building code: appendix H: signs
2006 New Mexico residential building code
2006 plumbing code
2006 New Mexico swimming pool and hot tub code (phase III)
2006 New Mexico mechanical code
2006 New Mexico electrical code
2008 New Mexico electrical safety code
2008 New Mexico solar energy code
2006 New Mexico energy conservation code (phase III)
2006 New Mexico existing building code
2006 international property maintenance code
A copy of each of the codes adopted by reference in this section shall be available for inspection during the building inspector's normal and regular business hours, at the Deming municipal building. (Ord. 1192, 11-5-2009)