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Sec. 15-67. Definitions:
   The following words and phrases when used in this article shall for the purpose of this article, have the meanings ascribed below:
   Abandoned Property: Any and all personal property possession of which is transferred to the Deerfield police department under circumstances supporting a reasonable belief that such property was abandoned, lost or stolen or otherwise illegally possessed, but excluding personal property seized during a search and retained and that is ultimately returned, destroyed or otherwise disposed of pursuant to court order in accordance with the Illinois code of criminal procedure or other law hereafter applicable to property thus retained.
   Auction Date: The date that bidding is scheduled to commence on abandoned property placed for sale at public auction.
   Public Auction: Shall include any method by which the Deerfield police department effectuates the sale of abandoned property for cash to the highest bidder at a public auction by way of collecting bids and selling said item(s) to the highest bidder. The term "public auction" shall also include an electronic auction conducted on the internet by the Deerfield police department or its authorized agent wherein members of the public are invited to and may submit bids electronically for an established period of time to effectuate the sale of abandoned property to the highest bidder.
   Weapons: Shall include, but is not limited to, the following items of abandoned property: pistols, revolvers, knives, slingshots, metallic knuckles or other similar deadly weapons, taser guns, stun guns, or any other object or item deemed a "weapon" by the police department. (Ord. 0-06-44, 9-5-2006)