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Sec. 15-58. Fireworks prohibited; exceptions.
   (a)   No person shall offer for sale, expose for sale, sell, possess, or use, or explode any blank cartridge, except use in starter pistols for sporting or athletic events, toy pistol, toy cannon, toy cane or toy gun in which explosives are used; the type of balloon which requires fire underneath to propel the same, firecrackers, torpedoes, sky-rockets, roman candles, bombs, sparklers or other fireworks of like construction, or any fireworks containing any explosive or inflammable compound or any tablets or other device commonly used and sold as fireworks. (M.C. 1963, § 27.201)
   (b)   The Chief of Police or his designee may grant permission to Deerfield Family Days, Inc., to discharge fireworks within the Village under and pursuant to the following conditions:
      (1)   That the time and place for the discharge of fire works be approved by the Chiefs of Police and Fire Departments.
      (2)   That the discharge of such fireworks be handled by an experienced and competent operator approved by the Chiefs of Police and Fire Departments.
      (3)   That permission shall not be granted by the Village for any person to discharge fireworks of the type commonly known as "bombs" or "torpedoes" or for any fireworks which are designed to detonate and produce noise or concussion, except that such "bombs" or "torpedoes" may be discharged in connection with the celebration on any event either approved or sponsored by the Village.
      (4)   That the operator of such fireworks shall furnish to the Village proper property, liability and workman's compensation insurance policies in such amounts as requested and approved by the Village. Included in such insurance policies shall be proper save harmless clause to protect the Village.
      (5)   That all insurance policies shall be approved by the Village Attorney as to form and sufficiency before permission is granted herein.
      (6)   That the operator of such fireworks shall comply with any further conditions as the Village may request. (Ord. 0-92-25, 5-18-92)