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Sec. 15-23.3. Possession Of Tobacco, Smokeless Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Or Alternative Nicotine Products By Persons Under The Age Of Twenty One Prohibited:
   (a)   Violation: No person under twenty one (21) years of age, to whom the sale of tobacco, "smokeless tobacco", "e-cigarette" or "alternative nicotine product", as defined in section 15-23.2 of this article, is prohibited because of his or her age, shall knowingly possess any tobacco, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarette or alternative nicotine product.
   (b)   Penalty: Any person in violation of the provisions under this section shall be issued a compliance ticket pursuant to section 22-160A of this Code in lieu of a citation or arrest warrant for each offense. (Ord. 0-16-38, 12-19-2016)