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Deerfield, IL Code of Ordinance
Deerfield, IL Zoning Code
Sec. 15-20. Coin Operated Amusement Devices Prohibited:
   (a)   No person shall maintain for the use of the public or patrons, or permit the use in or on any premises where the sale of alcoholic liquor at retail is permitted or in any store, restaurant, shopping place, theater, parking lot or any other public place in the village:
      (1)   Any mechanical pinball amusement device which is so constructed that the result of its operation depends upon chance, or upon the skill of the operator, or upon both; or
      (2)   Any mechanical device which in its operation shoots or propels an electric light, ray or impulse to a target; or
      (3)   Any table bowling, shuffleboard or other mechanical table game or amusement device involving the propulsion of spheres or other projectiles, mechanically or by hand; or (M.C. § 13.501)
      (4)   Any coin operated or coin in the slot amusement device. (Ord. 0-78-10, 3-6-1978)
   (b)   This section shall not apply to bona fide clubs licensed to sell alcoholic liquor to only members and their guests as provided by law. (M.C. 1963, § 13.501)