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Deerfield, IL Code of Ordinance
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Sec. 7-77.14. False alarms.
   (a)   The occurrence of any false alarm from any alarm system for which an alarm permit has been obtained may constitute grounds for revocation of such permit unless the alarm user pays the Village, after each such occurrence, according to the following schedule:
      1-3 alarms   $ 25.00 each
      4-6 alarms   50.00 each
      7-9 alarms   75.00 each
      10 or more alarms   100.00 each
      All trouble alarms   10.00 each
      All alarms repair calls   no charge
(Ord. 0-88-24, 4-18-88)
   (b)   The Police Chief may determine an alarm system to be a public nuisance or adverse to the safety of the public. Upon such determination, the Police Chief shall notify the alarm user in writing by first class mail of such fact and require that the permit holder submit a report to the Police Chief within fifteen (15) days after receipt of such notice, describing efforts to discover and eliminate the cause or causes of the false alarms. If, however, the alarm user, by reason of absence from the Village or on any other reasonable basis requests an extension of time to file the report, the Police Chief shall extend the fifteen (15) day period for a reasonable period. If the permit holder fails to submit such a report within fifteen (15) days or within any such extended period, the Police Chief may revoke the user's permit and under such circumstances the user shall not be entitled to a hearing or appeal under this Sections.
   (c)   If the alarm user submits a report as required by subsection (b) of this Section but the Police Chief determines that the report is unsatisfactory or that the alarm user has failed to show by the report that he has taken or will take reasonable steps to eliminate or reduce false alarms, the Police Chief may issue written notice by first class mail of his intent to revoke or suspend the alarm user's permit. (Ord. 0-84-04, 2-7-84)