90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Establishment and composition of the Animal Control Program
   90.03   General duties of Animal Control Program
   90.04   Cruelty to animals
   90.05   Animals creating nuisance
   90.06   Destruction of dangerous or nuisance animals at large that cannot be seized by reasonable means
   90.07   Identification for dogs and cats
   90.08   Control of overpopulation of dogs and cats
   90.09   Animal hoarding and high volume breeders
   90.10   Setting humane animal traps and authority to receive trapped animals
   90.11   Confinement and control of dangerous dog(s)
   90.12   Dogs or animals used for sentry or guard duty
   90.13   Law enforcement dogs excluded
   90.14   Potentially dangerous exotic animals
   90.15   Enforcement
   90.16   Interference with enforcement
   90.17   Not in conflict with general statutes or wildlife resource regulations
   90.99   Penalty