§ 1-506.   Effective Date and Retroactivity.
   1.   This Part shall take effect on the date of enactment set forth below and with respect to attorney fees pursuant to §§1-503 and 1-504 shall apply to all taxes, tax claims, tax liens, municipal claims, municipal liens, writs of scire facias, judgments, or executions filed on or after December 19, 1990, or as otherwise provided by law.
   2.   In no event shall the Borough’s right to charge and collect reasonable attorney fees pursuant to §1-503 of this Part be impaired by the fact that any claim may also include an attorney commission of 5 percent for claims filed prior to December 19, 1990. Any attorney fees assessed and collected under this or any prior ordinances pursuant to Act 1 shall be in addition to any 5 percent commission previously included in any claim or judgment thereon.
   3.   Attorney fees and expenses incurred in pending enforcement proceedings prior to the effective date of this Part, pursuant to a prior ordinances adopted under Act 1, but not collected, shall remain due and owing in accordance therewith, and shall be incorporated in any future statement, claim, pleading, judgment, or execution. Attorney fees and expenses in any pending or new action incurred after the effective date of this Part shall be incurred, charged, and collected in accordance with the schedules and procedures set forth in this Part.
   4.   The charges, expenses and fees set forth in §1-505 of this Part relate to all unpaid claims in favor of the Borough, its agents and assigns, and shall be retroactive to the date of each claim.
(Ord. 2012-03, 12/4/2012)