§ 1-505.   Servicing Charges, Expenses and Fees Approved.
   1.   The following schedule of charges, expenses and fees (hereinafter collectively referred to as “servicing fees”) is hereby approved and adopted by the Borough pursuant to §§1, 2, and 3 of the Act of May 16, 1923, as amended, 53 P.S. §§7101, 7103 and 7106, which amounts are the direct result of each person’s or property’s failure to pay claims promptly. The servicing fees established, assessed, and collected hereunder shall be in addition to the record costs, §1-503 attorney fees and §1-502. Expenses associated with legal proceedings initiated by or on behalf of the Borough to collect its claims.
   2.   Servicing of a claim or claims may result in voluntary payment without the initiation of enforcement proceedings. It is the intent of this Section to pass the cost of servicing on to the delinquent person or property as part of each claim. The recovery of servicing fees established herein shall not be contingent upon the initiation of enforcement proceedings. However, such servicing fees are due even where enforcement proceedings are initiated. The purpose of this Section is to pass the cost and expense associated with delinquent collection on to the delinquent person or property and to make the Borough whole on all claims collected.
   3.   Schedule. The following schedule of fees shall constitute reasonable and appropriate servicing fees for each indicated service. The servicing fees shall be added to and become part of the Borough’s claims, together with the face, penalties, interest, costs and attorney fees and shall be payable in full before the discharge or satisfaction of any claim. The schedule of fees is separate and distinct from any amounts imposed by the Sheriff, Prothonotary, court or any other public office in connection with the collection of the Borough’s claims and may be amended from time to time by resolution of Borough Council.
      A.   Assignments–$5 per claim.
      B.   Filing tax liens–$5 per item.
      C.   Satisfactions–$5 per claim
      D.   Tax claim revivals (i.e. S&A)–$10 per claim.
      E.   Act 1/Act 20 compliance–$35 per case.
      F.   Filing municipal claim and filing municipal claim revivals–$15 per claim.
      G.   Municipal claim/short title examination–$35 per claim.
      H.   Sheriff sale claim certificates–$50 per case.
      I.   Claim certifications–$10 per year
      J.   Servicing including staffing, computers, office space, telephones, equipment, and materials: For all delinquent and liened taxes, tax liens, municipal claims (filed or unfiled) and municipal liens–10 percent of gross collections.
(Ord. 2012-03, 12/4/2012)