§ 22-906.   Park Construction Requirements.
   1.   Minimum Park Area. A mobile home park shall have a gross area of at least 4 acres.
   2.   Site Location. The location of all mobile home parks shall comply with the following minimum requirements:
   A.   Free from adverse influence by swamps, marshes, garbage or rubbish disposal areas or other potential breeding places for insects or rodents.
   B.   Not subject to flooding.
   C.   Not subject to any hazard or nuisance, such as excessive noise, vibration, smoke, toxic matter, heat, odor, glare, etc.
   3.   Site Drainage.
   A.   The ground surface in all parts of a park shall be graded and equipped to drain surface water in a safe, efficient manner. Where necessary, storm sewers, culverts, and related facilities shall be provided to permit the unimpeded flow of natural water courses and to insure the adequate drainage of all locations within the park.
   B.   A drainage plan shall be prepared and submitted for review and approval, by the Borough prior to the granting of a permit for any mobile home park.
   C.   All stormwater facilities shall be kept completely separate from any sanitary waste facilities.
   4.   Soil and Ground Cover Requirements.
   A.   Ground surfaces in all parts of every park shall be paved, covered with stone or other acceptable material, or planted with a vegetative growth that is capable of preventing soil erosion and the emanation of dust during dry weather.
   B.   Park grounds shall be maintained free of vegetative growth which is poisonous or which may harbor rodents, insects or other pests.
   5.   Park Areas for Nonresidential Uses.
   A.   No part of any park shall be used for nonresidential purpose’s, except such uses that are required for direct servicing, management or maintenance of the park and its residents.
   B.   Nothing contained in this Section shall be deemed as prohibiting the sale of a mobile home located on a mobile home lot and connected to utilities.
   6.   Setbacks, Buffer Strips and Screening.
   A.   Mobile homes shall be located at 60 feet from the center line of any abutting existing or proposed public local street, 70 feet from the center line of any abutting existing or proposed public collector street.
   B.   There shall be a minimum distance of 25 feet between an individual mobile home, including accessory structures attached thereto, and adjoining pavement of a park, street or common parking area or other common areas and structures.
   C.   Mobile home parks located adjacent to any, industrial or commercial land use shall be required to provide a screen planting (trees, shrubs) along the property boundary line separating the park and such adjacent use.
   D.   Mobile homes shall be located at least 25 feet from any park property line and at least 10 feet from any side or rear mobile home lot line.
   7.   Placement of Mobile Hones.
   A.   Mobile homes shall be separated from each other and from other buildings, structures and outdoor living areas by at least 20 feet on all sides.
   B.   An enclosure of compatible design and material shall be erected around the entire base of each mobile home. Such enclosure shall provide sufficient ventilation to inhibit decay and deterioration of the structure.
   C.   All mobile homes shall be properly placed upon a mobile home stand and securely fastened to the foundation.
   8.   Park Street System.
   A.   A safe and convenient vehicular access shall be provided from abutting public streets or roads.
   B.   The entrance road, or area, connecting the park with a public street or road shall have a minimum pavement width of 36 feet.
   C.   Other internal streets shall be as follows:
   (1)   Where parking is permitted on both sides, a minimum width of 36 feet will be required.
   (2)   A minimum pavement width of 28 feet will be required where parking is limited to one side.
   (3)   Dead end streets shall be provided at the closed end with a paved turnaround having an outside diameter of at least 60 feet.
   D.   Grades of all streets shall be at least 0.5 percent and not more than 8.0 percent.
   E.   Intersections of more than two streets are prohibited.
   F.   Within 100 feet of an intersection, streets shall be at approximately right angles. In no case shall streets intersect at less than 75 degrees.
   G.   If intersecting streets are not in alignment, a distance of at least 125 feet shall be provided between the centerline of the intersecting streets.
   H.   Minimum curb or edge of pavement radii at intersections shall be as follows:
   (1)   Minor street with minor street–15 feet.
   (2)   Minor street with collector street–20 feet.
   (3)   Collector street with collector street–20 feet.
   I.   All streets shall be constructed in accordance with Borough specifications.
   J.   All streets within a mobile home park shall be privately owned and maintained.
   9.   Off-Street Parking Areas. A payed off-street parking space for two motor vehicles shall be provided at each mobile home lot.
   10.   Walks.
   A.   All mobile home parks shall be provided with pedestrian walks on both sides of the street. Such walks shall be at least 3½ feet in width.
   B.   All mobile home lots shall be connected to a pedestrian walk with an individual walk at least 2 feet in width.
   C.   All pedestrian walks shall be constructed of a hard, durable, all-weather material that can be easily maintained, in accordance with Borough specifications.
   11.   Mobile Home Lots.
   A.   All lots shall abut and be accessible from a park street.
   B.   Mobile home lots within the park shall have a minimum area of 5,000 square feet and a minimum width of 50 feet frontage.
   C.   The total number of lots in a park shall not exceed an average density of six per acre.
   D.   Each mobile home lot shall be improved to provide a hard surfaced mobile home stand and adequate frost-free foundation for the placement of the mobile home unit.
   12.   Recreation Areas.
   A.   In all mobile home parks a recreation area, or areas, with suitable facilities shall be maintained within the park for the use of all park residents.
   B.   Land required for such recreation areas shall not be less than 10 percent of the gross area of the mobile home park.
   13.   Outdoor Living Area. An outdoor living and service space shall be provided for each mobile home as follows:
   A.   Such space shall be located for privacy, convenience and optimum use.
   B.   The minimum size of such space shall be not less than 300 square feet with a least dimension of 15 feet.
   C.   A paved or hard surface area shall be provided which shall be at least 100 square feet in area with a least dimension of 10 feet.
   D.   Visual barriers such as walls, fences or planting shall be of a size and character to assure reasonable privacy and visual appeal.
(Ord. 6/6/1977, §905)