§ 22-903.   Permits for Mobile Home Park Construction, Alteration or Extension.
   1.   Permits Required. It shall be unlawful for any person to construct, alter or extend any mobile home park within the limits of Dauphin Borough unless a valid permit has been issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, in the name of such person for the specific construction, alteration or extension proposed, and also a permit issued by the Borough. [Ord. 2012-03]
   2.   Application to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. All applications for permits shall be made by the owner of the mobile home park or his authorized representative to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in accordance with their rules and regulations. [Ord. 2012-03]
   3.   Application to Borough Concerning Mobile Home Parks. Copies of the application submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection shall be concurrently filed with the Borough Secretary. Such application shall be accompanied by a plan at a scale not smaller than 1 inch equaling 50 feet and containing the following information: [Ord. 2012-03]
   A.   All information as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Environ mental Protection. [Ord. 2012-03]
   B.   Name of mobile home park.
   C.   Name and address of owner of record and/or applicant.
   D.   Name of engineer, surveyor or other qualified person preparing plan.
   E.   North arrow, scale and date of plan preparation.
   F.   Location map.
   G.   Site date:
   (1)   Number of mobile home lots.
   (2)   Total number of acres.
   (3)   Number of lots/acre.
   (4)   Zoning district.
   (5)   Number of off-street parking spaces.
   H.   Topography showing existing and proposed contours at intervals of 2 or 5 feet, depending upon the slope of the land.
   I.   The location of any existing bodies of water or water sources; floodplain areas, tree masses, buildings or structures, public facilities and any other man- made, or natural features within or near the proposed mobile home park area.
   J.   A storm drainage plan.
   K.   Existing and proposed property, lot and boundary lines, including building setback lines, and information concerning lot dimensions, lot areas and the location of all utilities and easements.
   L.   Location and dimension of all mobile home stands.
   M.   The location of all existing and proposed streets with information concerning pavement widths, types of paving and street names.
   N.   Typical cross-sections of all streets.
   O.   Street centerline profiles.
   P.   Location of all off-street parking areas.
   Q.   Location and dimension of all pedestrian ways and sidewalks.
   R.   Location of proposed recreation areas.
   S.   Location of all plantings and landscaping.
   T.   Location, dimensions and proposed use of all service and accessory structures.
   U.   Location and type of all fire extinguishers and waste containers.
   V.   Location of bench mark and datum used.
   W.   Location of proposed monuments and markers.
   X.   Engineer’s or surveyor’s seal with certification that survey and plan are correct.
   Y.   Block for approval by Planning Committee.
   Z.   Block for approval by Borough Council.
   4.   Review of Plans and Issuance of Permit.
   A.   With the exception of §22-307.3.D, “Recording of Plan,” §22-306, “Preliminary Plan Specifications,” and §22-310, “Final Plan Specifications,” the procedures to be followed in reviewing proposed plans which have been submitted to the Borough for approval, shall be the same as those contained in Part 3 of this Chapter.
   B.   At, the time a final plan is approved, Borough Council shall authorize the Zoning Officer to issue a permit to the applicant.
   5.   Fees. Each application for a permit shall be accompanied by a fee in accordance with the provisions of Part 6 of this Chapter.
(Ord. 6/6/1977, §902; as amended by Ord. 2012-03, 12/4/2012)