§ 22-514.   Private Streets.
   Wherever a developer proposes to establish a street which is not offered for dedication, he shall submit a copy of a statement signed by the Borough Solicitor that he has made an agreement on behalf of his heirs and assigns with the Borough. Said agreement shall be subject to the Borough Solicitor’s approval and shall be filed with the development plan. Said agreement shall establish the conditions under which the street or streets may later be offered for dedication and shall stipulate among other things:
   A.   That the street shall be in a good state of repair as certified by the Borough Engineer, or that the owners of the lots along it agree to include with the offer of dedication sufficient money, as estimated by the Borough Engineer, to restore the street to a good state of repair.
   B.   That an offer to dedicate the street shall be made only for the street as a whole.
   C.   The method of assessing repair costs.
(Ord. 6/6/1977, §514)