§ 22-512.   Remedies to Effect Completion of Improvements.
   In the event that any improvements which may be required have not been installed in accord with the approved final plan, Borough Council is hereby granted the power to enforce any corporate bond or other security by appropriate legal and equitable remedies. If proceeds of such bond or other security are insufficient to pay the cost of installing or making repairs or corrections to all the improvements covered by said security, Borough Council may, at its option, install part of such improvements in all or part of the development and may institute appropriate legal or equitable action to recover the monies necessary to complete the remainder of the improvements. All of the proceeds, whether resulting either from the security or from any legal or equitable action brought against the developer or both, shall be used solely for the installation of the improvements covered by such security, and not for any other purpose.
(Ord. 6/6/1977, §512)