§ 22-511.   Installation and Completion of Improvements.
   1.   Before starting any construction or installation of improvements, the developer shall notify the Borough of his intention to initiate such work. The Borough shall authorize the Borough Engineer to monitor and inspect the installation of improve ments during their construction. When the developer has completed all of the necessary and appropriate improvements, he shall notify Borough Council, in writing, by certified or registered mail, of the completion of the aforesaid improvements and shall send a copy thereof to the Borough Engineer. Borough Council shall within 10 days after receipt of such notice, direct and authorize the Borough Engineer to inspect all of the aforesaid improvements. The Borough Engineer shall, thereupon, file a report, in writing, with Borough Council, and shall promptly mail a copy of the same to the developer by certified or registered mail. The report shall be made and mailed within 30 days after receipt by the Borough Engineer of the aforesaid authorization from Borough Council; said report shall be detailed and shall indicate approval or rejection of said improvements, either in whole or in part, and if said improvements or any portions thereof shall not be approved or shall be rejected by the Borough Engineer, said report shall contain a statement of reasons for such nonapproval or rejection.
   2.   Borough Council shall notify the developer, in writing, by certified or registered mail, of the action of said Borough Council with relation thereto.
   3.   If Borough Council or the Borough Engineer fails to comply with the time limitation provisions contained herein, all improvements will be deemed to have been approved and the developer shall be released from all liability pursuant to its performance guaranty bond or other security agreement.
   4.   If any portion of the said improvements shall not be approved or shall be rejected by Borough Council, the developer shall proceed to complete the same and, upon completion, the same procedure of notification, as outlined herein, shall be followed.
(Ord. 6/6/1977, §511)