§ 22-403.   Blocks.
   1.   General. The length, width and shape of blocks shall be determined with due regard for:
   A.   The provision of adequate sites for buildings of the type proposed.
   B.   Topography.
   C.   Any other codes, plans or ordinances.
   D.   Requirements for safe and convenient vehicular and pedestrian circulation, including the reduction of intersections with major streets.
   2.   Block Length. The length of blocks shall not exceed 1600 feet or be less than 800 feet.
   3.   Pedestrian Crosswalks. Where blocks exceed 1,000 feet in length pedestrian rights-of-way of not less than 10 feet in width shall be provided where needed for adequate pedestrian circulation. Paved walks of not less than 5 feet shall be placed within the right-of-way.
   4.   Block Depth. Residential blocks shall be of sufficient depth to accommodate two tiers of lots, except:
   A.   Where reverse frontage lots are required along a major street.
   B.   Where presented by the size, topographical conditions or other inherent conditions of property, in which cases the Borough Council may approve a single tier of lots.
   5.   Commercial and Industrial Blocks. Blocks in commercial and industrial areas may vary from the elements of design detailed above, if required by the nature of the use. In all cases, however, adequate provision shall be made for off-street parking and loading areas as well as for traffic circulation and parking for employees and customers, as required by the Dauphin Borough Zoning Ordinance [Chapter 27].
(Ord. 6/6/1977, §403)