§ 22-310.   Final Plan Specifications.
   The final plan submission shall consist of the following:
   A.   The plan, to be drawn on tracing cloth or linen or other suitable reproduc ible material of equal quality, 17 inches by 22 inches in size and at a scale of not less than 1 inch equals 10 feet nor more than 1 inch equals 100 feet showing the following:
   (1)   Name and address of developer.
   (2)   Proposed name of development.
   (3)   North arrow, scale and date.
   (4)   Name of registered engineer or surveyor responsible for the plan.
   (5)   A location map showing the vicinity in which the proposed subdivision is located.
   (6)   Primary control points approved by the Borough Engineer or description and “ties” to such control points, to which all dimensions, angles, bearings, and similar data on the plan shall be referred.
   (7)   Tract boundary lines, rights-of-way lines of streets, easements, and other rights-of-way, and all property lines, with accurate dimensions, bearing or defection angles, and radii, arcs, and central angles of all curves.
   (8)   Name and right-of-way width of each street or other right-of-way.
   (9)   Location, dimensions, and purpose of all easements.
   (10)   Number to identify each lot or site and street numbers of lots.
   (11)   Purpose for which sites other than residential lots are dedicated or reserved.
   (12)   Building setback lines on all lots and other sites.
   (13)   Names of record owners of adjoining unplatted land.
   (14)   Reference to recorded subdivision plats of adjoining platted land by record name, date and number.
   (15)   Certification by registered engineer or surveyor attesting to the accuracy of the survey and plan.
   (16)   Certification of title showing that the developer is the owner of the land or agent of the land owner.
   (17)   Statement by owner dedicating streets, right-of-way and any sites for public use which are to be dedicated.
   (18)   Proposed protective covenants running with the land, if any.
   (19)   The location and types of erosion and sedimentation control, if any.
   B.   Accompanying Data.
   (1)   All information required for the submission of the preliminary plan incorporating any changes requested by Borough Council.
   (2)   Cross-section drawings for all proposed streets, showing right-of-way, cartway widths and location of sidewalks and planting strips.
   (3)   Profile drawings of all proposed streets, showing existing and proposed, grades.
   (4)   Plans and profiles of proposed sanitary and storm sewers including grades and pipe sizes may be required as may also the plans for any proposed water distribution system showing pipe sizes and location of valves and fire hydrants.
   (5)   Final plans for any bridges, culverts, etc., which may be required.
   (6)   A map showing the exact location and elevation of all proposed buildings, structures, roads and public utilities to be constructed in any flood-prone areas. All such maps shall show contours at intervals of 2 feet and identify accurately the boundaries of the floodprone area.
   (7)   Any other certificates, affidavits, endorsements or dedications, etc., that may be required by the Borough Council.
(Ord. 6/6/1977, §310)