§ 22-306.   Preliminary Plan Specifications.
   The preliminary plan submission shall consist of the following:
   A.   The plan, drawn at a scale of not less than 1 inch equals 10 feet nor more than 1 inch equals 100 feet showing the following:
   (1)   Name and address of developer.
   (2)   Proposed names of the subdivision.
   (3)   North arrow, scale and date.
   (4)   Name of engineer, surveyor or other qualified person responsible for the plan.
   (5)   Location map showing the vicinity in which the proposed development is located.
   (6)   Topography showing existing and proposed contours at intervals of 2 or 5 feet, depending upon the slope of the land.
   (7)   Tract boundaries and the name of all abutting subdivisions or property owners.
   (8)   Number of acres in the tract, number of lots, the zoning, classification, and the type of proposed development.
   (9)   Existing and proposed property lot and boundary lines, including building setback lines, and information concerning lot dimensions, lot areas, and the location of any easements.
   (10)   The location of all existing and proposed streets, with information concerning right-of-way widths, types of paving and street names.
   (11)   The location of any parcels of land either existing or proposed to be dedicated or reserved for schools, parks, playgrounds, or other public, semi- public or community purpose’s.
   (12)   The location of any existing bodies, of water or watercourses, tree masses, buildings or structures, public facilities and any other man-made or natural features within or near the proposed subdivision.
   (13)   A map showing the location of the proposed development with respect to the Borough’s flood-prone areas, including information on the regulatory flood elevation, the boundaries of the flood-prone areas, proposed lots and sites, fills, flood or erosion protective facilities, and areas subject to special ordinance restrictions.
   (14)   Where the development lies partially or completely in any flood-prone area, or where the development borders on any flood-prone area, the prelimi nary plan map shall include detailed information giving the location and elevation of proposed roads, public utilities and building sites. All such maps shall identify accurately the boundaries of the flood-prone area.
   B.   Accompanying Data.
   (1)   Cross-section drawings for all proposed streets showing rights-of-way, cartway widths, location of sidewalks and planting strips.
   (2)   Profile drawings of all proposed streets and existing and proposed grades.
   (3)   Plans and profiles of proposed sanitary and storm sewers including grades and pipe sizes may be required, as may also be the plans for any proposed water distribution system showing pipe sizes and location of valves and fire hydrants.
   (4)   Preliminary designs for any bridges, culverts, etc., which may be, required; such designs to be subject to the approval of the Borough Engineer.
   (5)   The appropriate component of the Department of Environmental Protection “Planning Module for Land Development” to meet the requirements of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act, 35 P.S. §750.1 et seq., and the Clean Streams Act, 35 P.S. §691.1 et seq. [Ord. 2012-03]
   (6)   A report by the Dauphin County Soil and Water Conservation District office, including any recommended corrective or preventive actions to be taken.
(Ord. 6/6/1977, §306; as amended by Ord. 2012-03, 12/4/2012)