§ 22-301.   Pre-application Procedures.
   1.   Copies of this Chapter shall be available for use by any person seeking information concerning land development and/or subdivision standards and procedures in effect within Dauphin Borough. Any prospective developer or subdivider may meet with the Borough Council to discuss and review tentative plans and/or any provisions of this Chapter.
   2.   Prior to the preparation of any plans, it is suggested that prospective developers consult with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection concerning soil suitability when on-site sewage disposal facilities are proposed. [Ord. 2012-03]
   3.   Prospective developers shall consult the County Conservation District representative concerning erosion and sediment control and the effect of geologic conditions on the proposed development. At the same time a determination should be made as to whether or not any flood hazards either exist or will be created as a result of the subdivision or development. Land that is subject to flooding shall not be platted for residential occupancy or for any other use that may endanger health, life or property. Such land within a subdivision shall be set aside for such uses as shall not be endangered by periodic or occasional flooding and shall not produce unsatisfactory living conditions.
(Ord. 6/6/1977, §301; as amended by Ord. 2012-03, 12/4/2012)