§ 1-106.   Construction.
   1.   Except as may be otherwise specifically provided by any provision of this Code, the Statutory Construction Act of 1972, 1 Pa.C.S.A. §1501 et seq., shall be applied in construing this Code.
   2.   Effect of Repeal or Expiration of Code Section.
   A.   The repeal of a Code Section or ordinance, or its expiration by virtue of any provision contained therein, shall not affect any right accrued or any offense committed, any penalty or punishment incurred, or any proceeding commenced before the repeal took effect or the ordinance expired.
   B.   When any ordinance repealing a former Code Section, ordinance, clause or provision shall itself be repealed, such repeal shall not be construed to revive such former Code Section, ordinance, clause or provision, unless it shall be expressly so provided.
   3.   Saving Clause. The provisions of this Code, so far as they are the same as those ordinances and regulations in force immediately prior to the adoption of this Code, are intended as a continuation of such ordinances, resolutions and regulations and not as a new enactment. The provisions of this Code shall not affect any suit or prosecution pending or to be instituted to enforce any of the prior ordinances or regulations. Except as specifically stated in this Code or in the ordinance adopting this consolidation, codification and revision of the ordinances and regulations, it is the intention of the Borough Council that no ordinance or regulation of the Borough be amended, revised or repealed by implication.
   4.   Resolutions. The provisions of this Code of Ordinances may contain resolutions, that is, actions of the Borough Council (in written form and designated "resolution”) which did not require prior public notice in accordance with the provisions of the Borough Code, 53 P.S. §45101 et seq., at the time of their passage by the Borough Council. Such "resolutions” are included herein for ease of reference and the Borough Council does not intend by their inclusion herein to require prior public notice before amending, revising or repealing such resolution or resolutions as may have been included herein in the future. It is the intention of the Borough Council that such actions of the Borough Council that may be included in this Code and specifically cited and designated as a resolution shall not become an ordinance (requiring prior public notice before amendment, revision or repeal) by the simple fact of inclusion in this Code.
(Ord. 2012-03, 12/4/2012)