I.   Intersections at which turns are restricted
   II.   Zones of quiet
   III.   Intersections at which traffic lights and pedestrian walk lights affect control
   IV.   Locations of school signals
   V.   Streets or portions thereof upon which parking is prohibited
   VI.   Alleys upon which parking is prohibited, except for the loading or unloading of merchandise
   VII.   Locations and time limits of parking time restrictions
   VIII.   Areas within which no vehicle may park upon a public street between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. any day
   IX.   Restricted district within which regulations affecting trucks are applicable
   X.   Truck bypass routes
   XI.   Through streets
   XII.   One-way streets
   XIII.   One-way alleys
   XIV.   Crosswalks
   XV.   Intersections at which "stop" or "yield" signs affect control and direction of control
   XVI.   Emergency snow routes
   XVII.   Streets upon which truck traffic is prohibited