In case of accident or collision resulting in injury or damage to persons or property upon any public or private property other than public streets or highways, due to the driving or operation thereon of any motor vehicle, the person so driving or operating such motor vehicle, having knowledge of such accident or collision, shall stop, and upon request of the person injured or damaged, or any other person, shall give such person his name and address, and, if he is not the owner, the name and address of the owner of such motor vehicle, together with the registered number of such motor vehicle, and, if available, exhibit his driver's or commercial driver's license.
   If the owner or person in charge of such damaged property is not furnished such information, the driver of the motor vehicle involved in the accident or collision shall, within twenty-four hours after such accident or collision, forward to the police offices the same information required to be given to the owner or person in control of such damaged property and give the date, time and location of the accident or collision.
   If the accident or collision is with an unoccupied or unattended motor vehicle, the operator so colliding with such motor vehicle shall securely attach the information required to be given in this section, in writing, to a conspicuous place in or on such unoccupied or unattended motor vehicle. 
(ORC 4549.021)