The Committee shall advise and assist the ADA Coordinator of the City as provider  of public services, owner of public property and as employer, to include but not be exclusive of the following:
   (a)   Inspecting and identifying City buildings, facilities and public thoroughfares under its jurisdiction and control for correctable barriers to access and use.
   (b)   Preparation and annual updating of required self-evaluation.
   (c)   Institution and implementation of ADA compatible policies regarding accessibility, alterations, communication and employment.
   (d)   Establishment of grievance procedures.
   (e)   Promotion of public awareness and related issues.
   (f)   Keeping abreast of changes and additions to ADA laws, rules and regulations and providing informational assistance to City officials upon request.
   (g)   Coordination and cooperation with other agencies.
   (h)   Providing any other services within the City as required by ADA or its designated enforcement agencies.
(Ord. 124-1992. Passed 11-9-92.)