The Mayor shall appoint five members to the ADA Advisory Committee, at least three of whom are disabled, as that term is defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, U.S.C. Par. 12102 (2) to assist and advise the City’s ADA Coordinator in capacities explained in this chapter. Members of the Committee shall be electors of the City who have expertise in education and awareness pertaining to the reduction and eventual elimination of discriminatory barriers that limit the legal rights of residents with disabilities. The committee members shall serve a three year term from the date of appointment provided, however, that the initial appointees shall be appointed for the following terms: One member for a 1-year term; two members for 2-year terms; and two members for 3-year terms. Committee members may be re-appointed for successive terms.
In addition to the five appointed members, the ADA Coordinator shall serve as a member and the President of Council shall appoint one member of Council to serve as a member of the Committee. The Council representative shall serve until the next reorganization of Council.
(Ord. 124-1992. Passed 11-9-92.)