It shall be the responsibility of the Land Preservation Commission to study, investigate, advise, and/or update annually, the City’s Land Preservation and Acquisition Policy.  The Commission shall provide regular and special meetings at which the subject of open space and land preservation insofar as it relates to the City may be discussed by the members of the Commission, officers and employees of the City, and all others interested in open space and land preservation.  The Commission may study, investigate and advise City officials and City residents in matters pertaining to open space and land preservation.  The Commission may recommend any action or program which the Commission shall find or determine to be necessary or advisable within the scope of its work.  The Commission may, when requested by Council or the Mayor, consider, investigate, make findings and report and recommend upon any special matter or question coming within the scope of its work.
(Ord.  60-2000.  Passed 3-13-00.)