The City shall be divided into wards in the manner set forth by the laws of the State of Ohio. The term of office for ward councilmen shall be two (2) years.
   Three (3) councilmen-at-large shall be elected in addition to the various ward councilmen previously specified herein. The councilmen-at-large shall be elected by the vote of the electors of the City as a whole and shall serve for a term of four (4) years.
   This section shall not be construed to limit the number of councilmen-at-large to three (3), but the number of said councilmen-at-large shall be governed by the provisions of the laws of the State of Ohio.
   Upon adoption of this Charter and at the first election after the effective date of the Charter, those two (2) councilmen-at-large receiving the highest number of votes in the general election of that year shall serve for a period of four (4) years. That candidate receiving the third highest number of votes at that election shall serve a two (2) year term of office. The elected successor to the last named candidate shall serve a four (4) year term of office.
   The elective office of President of Council shall be abolished upon the completion of the term expiring December 31, 1961.
   The Council shall organize as provided by the laws of the State of Ohio within ten (10) days from the commencement of their term. The Council, after organizing as hereinbefore provided shall, by a majority vote of its members, elect from its Council members, a Council President who shall be elected for a term of one (1) year. Any vacancy in the Office of President of Council shall be filled by a majority vote of its members to be selected from its members.
   The Council President shall have a full vote in all business of the Council and shall be free to enter debate on any subject brought before the Council, provided that the rules of procedure as established by Council are followed.
   After organization, Council shall also elect one of its members as President Pro Tem who shall act as the President of Council in the absence of the President of Council or in the event the latter becomes the Acting Mayor or is unable for any reason to perform his duties as President of Council. The President Pro Tem shall conduct the affairs of the Council in accordance with the rules of Council. (Amended 11-7-72. )