In addition to the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Civil Service Commission, and Park and Recreation Board provided for and established by other sections of this Charter, the following Boards are hereby created:
   A.   A Board of Control consisting of the Mayor, Director of Finance, Director of Law, Director of Public Service and City Engineer which shall operate under and have all the functions, powers and duties conferred upon such a board by the general laws of Ohio to the extent not inconsistent with this Charter or ordinances of the Council.
   B.   The Board of Building Appeals, heretofore established by ordinance of the Council, shall continue to operate under and have the functions, powers and duties set forth in the provisions of existing ordinances of the Council applicable thereto, subject to the right of the Council to amend or repeal any or all of such provisions by later ordinance at any time and to transfer, reassign or delegate such functions, powers and duties, or any part thereof, to another officer, individual, board or commission.
   Council shall have the further power to create and establish by ordinance boards and commissions other than those created and established by this Charter.
(Amended 11-8-05)