Any Director of Finance appointed after the adoption of this amendment to the Charter shall have a degree in business administration, or a related field, awarded by an accredited college or university, and be subject to the same qualifications as those of the Mayor except that he need not have had three years of residency upon taking office. He shall have a working knowledge of municipal accounting and taxation, as governed by the laws of the State of Ohio and this Charter. He shall have had experience in budgeting and financial control.
(Amended 11-4 86)
   The Director of Finance shall have charge of the administration of the financial affairs of the City, and to that end he shall have authority and be required to:
   A.    Compile the current income and expense estimates for the budget for the Mayor;
   B.    Compile the capital estimates for the budget for the Mayor;
   C.    Supervise and be responsible for the disbursement of all moneys and have control over all expenditures to ensure that budget appropriations are not exceeded;
   D.    Maintain a general accounting system for the City government and each of its offices, departments and agencies consistent with standard accounting practices;
   E.    Prepare for the Mayor as of the end of each fiscal year, a complete financial statement and report;
   F.    Collect all taxes, special assessments, license fees and other revenues due the City or for whose collection the City is responsible, and receive all money receivable by the City from the county, state or federal government, or from any court, or from any office, department or agency of the City, or any moneys payable to the City from any source;
   G.   Have custody of all public funds belonging to or under the control of the City, or any office, department or agency of the City government, and deposit or invest all funds coming into his hands in such manner as may be provided by ordinance, and all such interest resulting from deposits or investments shall be the property of the City and shall be accounted for and credited to the proper account;
   H.    Have custody of all investments and invested funds of the City government, or in possession of such government in a fiduciary capacity, and have the safekeeping of all bonds and notes of the City and the receipt and delivery of City bonds and notes for transfer, registration or exchange;
   I.    Supervise the purchase of all supplies, materials, equipment and other articles used by any office, department or agency of the City government, except as otherwise provided in this Charter;
   J.    Examine all proposed expenditures to determine if they are in the appropriated funds. No appropriation shall be encumbered and no expenditures shall be made, unless he shall certify that there is a sufficient unencumbered balance of appro priated funds.