The Director of Law shall be an attorney-at-law, admitted to practice in the State of Ohio and be subject to the same qualifications as those of the Mayor except that he need not have had three years residency upon taking office. He shall be the legal advisor of and attorney and counsel for the city and for all offices and departments of the city, in matters relating to their official duties. He shall prosecute or defend all suits for or in behalf of the City and shall prepare all contracts, bonds, and other instruments in writing in which the City is concerned and endorse on each his approval of the form and correctness thereof. He shall give written opinions to any department head or official of the City, or to Council, within a reasonable length of time, when requested in writing to do so, and file a copy of the same with the Clerk of Council.He shall codify the ordinances with such expert assistance as necessary at least once every ten years or sooner if required by ordinance. He shall be the prosecuting attorney of the Municipal Court. In addition to the duties imposed upon the Director of Law by the Charter or required of him by ordinance, he shall perform the duties imposed upon City Solicitors by the laws of the State of Ohio, unless and until otherwise provided by ordinance. The Director of Law shall appoint one Deputy Director of Law to serve at his pleasure and with the approval of Council he may appoint other deputies or assistants as needed, and deputies or assistants so appointed shall not be subject to the Civil Service provisions of this Charter.