In the event of the death, resignation or recall from office of the Mayor or his ceasing to qualify for such office, the President of Council shall succeed to the office of Mayor to serve the unexpired term until a successor is elected at the next general election, and his offices as President of Council and as Councilman shall become vacant. The qualifications applicable to a President of Council who succeeds to the office of Mayor shall be those applicable to a Councilman. If the President of Council declines to serve as Mayor, he may remain as President of Council.
If the President of Council declines to serve as Mayor or is unable for any reason to perform the duties of the office of Mayor, Council shall then appoint as successor to the Mayor a member of Council, elected by the people, such elector so succeeding tothe office of Mayor shall have those qualifications applicable to the office of Mayor. (Amended 11-3-70. )