(a)   The City of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio ("City") is concerned with the use of all Rights-of-Way in the City as such Rights-of-Way are valuable and limited resources.
   (b)   Changes in the public utilities and communications industries have increased the demand and need for access to Rights-of-Way and placement of facilities and structures therein.
   (c)   It is necessary to comprehensively plan and manage access to, and structures and facilities in, the Rights-of-Way and provide innovative and economic solutions to efficiently and economically utilize limited Rights-of-Way capacity.
   (d)   The City has authority under the laws and Constitution of the State of Ohio, including, but not limited to Article 18, Sections 3, 4, and 7, to regulate the public and private entities which use the Right-of-Way.
(Ord.  30-2019.  Passed 4-22-19.)