111.06 VOTING.
   (a)   Voting Procedures.  The vote on the passage of each ordinance, resolution or other matter requiring a vote by Council shall be taken by collective voice vote and entered upon the journal of Council. The vote shall be taken by yes and no and the Council Clerk shall record the result in the Council journal. Any member of Council, or the Clerk of Council, may require a roll call vote on any vote. In calling the roll upon any vote, the Clerk of Council shall call the names of the members in the order designated by the President. Before the announcement of the vote by the President, the Clerk shall read the vote so taken.
   (b)   Vote Needed to Adopt.  Each ordinance or resolution shall be passed, except as otherwise provided by law, by a vote of at least a majority of all members of Council.
   (c)   Conduct During Voting.  No member or other person shall remain at the Clerk's desk while any voting procedure is in progress or ballots are being counted.
   (d)   Duty to Vote.  Every member present when the question is put shall vote, unless the Council shall excuse him. A request to be excused from voting shall not be in order unless made before the collective voice vote or before the roll call of yes or no is commenced, and any member requesting to be excused from voting may make a brief verbal statement of his or her reasons for making such request and the question shall then be taken up without further debate.
   (e)   Calling the Question.  Any member may call for a statement of the question.
   (f)   Reconsideration.  A motion to reconsider shall take precedence over all other motions except a motion to adjourn or to table. Only a member who was absent and excused or who voted with the prevailing side may move a reconsideration of any action of the Council, and provided that the motion to reconsider shall be made not later than the next regular meeting after such action is taken. No motion to reconsider shall be made more than once on any one matter or subject and the same number of votes shall be required to reconsider any action of the Council that were required to pass or adopt the same. If the motion is carried, the original motion is again open to discussion and vote.
   (g)   Procedures Not Included in the Rules.  In the absence of any provision governing matters of business in either the Rules of Council, the laws of the state of Ohio, or the City Charter, Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the standard of parliamentary usage. Except when otherwise specifically required by the Rules of Council, laws of the State of Ohio, or City Charter and Ordinances, a simple majority vote of Council is sufficient to pass any motion.
   (h)   Clerical Adjustments.  The Clerk shall have the authority to make non-substantive changes to legislation (e.g. typographical errors) following passage by City Council with the consent of the President of City Council by initialing and dating said change.
(Ord. 94-2010.  Passed 9-13-10.)