The Ohio Fire Code adopted under Section 1501.01 is hereby modified as respectively indicated.
   F-519.0 Residential Detection and Warning Devices  (Added).
   (a)   All one, two and three-family unit dwellings constructed after the effective date of this section, shall be provided with an approved automatic household fire warning system.
   (b)   The detectors of the household fire warning system shall be sensitive to and respond to, any products of combustion or combination of such products, except that detectors which are sensitive to, and respond to heat only, shall not be permitted.
   (c)   The detectors of the household fire warning system shall be one of the following:
      (1)   A detector utilizing a photoelectric cell, or
      (2)   A detector utilizing an ionization chamber.
   (d)   All detectors, devices, equipment and components of the household fire warning system to be installed in conformity with this section shall be approved or listed for the purposes for which they are intended by the Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. or other approved testing laboratory.
   (e)   One detector shall be installed to protect each sleeping area and shall be located in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping room, and one shall be installed at the head of each stairway leading to an occupied area.
   (f)   The detectors shall be mounted according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  A detector installed at the head of a stairway shall be so located as to assure that smoke rising in the stairwell cannot be prevented from reaching the detector by an intervening door or other obstruction.
   (g)   Each detection device shall cause the operation of an alarm which shall be clearly audible in all bedrooms over background noise levels with all intervening doors closed.  The alarm signaling devices shall have a tone, pitch and quality distinctive from any other sounding device or mechanical equipment in the building.  Examples of these would be telephones, burglar alarms, door bells, door chimes, room humidifiers and air conditioners. All alarm sounding devices shall have a minimum rating of 85 DBA at ten feet. 
   (h)   The installation, maintenance and use of approved automatic household fire warning systems shall conform to approved standards, which for the purposes of this section shall be NFPA No. 74 “Standard for the Installation, Maintenance and Use of Household Fire Warning Equipment.”
      (Ord. 65-1976.  Passed 3-22-76.)