(a)    Warm Air Heating Contractor. A person, corporation or firm to whom a warm air heating contractor's license has been issued shall be entitled to engage in the business of and secure a permit for installation, alterations, repairs, replacement, service and cleaning of all piping apparatus, appliances, devices and accessories for warm air heating, gas and oil burners, stokers and unit heaters, conversion burners, hot water and vapor system, incinerators, gas- fired dryers and other appliances, domestic hot water heaters, used or to be used in or about any building, structure or premises of any kind in the City, unless otherwise herein exempt.
      (1)    Heating and air-conditioning equipment of any type must be installed by a contractor duly licensed by the City to install such equipment.
      (2)    The Building Trades Licensing Board shall be the licensing board within the City authorized to issue a license for warm air heating, air conditioning or a combination of the two.
      (3)    Any electrical wiring or plumbing associated with the heating and air- conditioning equipment must be installed by a licensed contractor in the respective field.
      (4)    The Heating Inspector of the City shall examine the plans and specifications to determine the adequacy of such installation. The field inspection of the installation shall be made by the inspector having jurisdiction.
      (5)    The installation shall be designed in accordance with the following reference codes:
         A.    Ohio Mechanical Code.
         B.    National Electrical Code.
            (Ord. 160-1999. Passed 11-22-99.)