(a)    The Board shall have the power to make rules governing the time and place and the conduct of its meetings, the types and kinds of applications, the qualifications and standards for licensing, the approval of the forms of insurance, application blanks, certificate forms, etc., and, in general, have all of the powers necessary to conduct the business of licensing applicants and issuing certificates of competency and licenses as hereinafter provided.
      (1)    Qualification of applicants. Each applicant shall be a citizen of the United States, shall be not less than twenty-one years of age, shall be of good repute, shall not, at the time of application, be under indictment for a felony or a criminal offense, shall not have a criminal record, shall have sufficient knowledge of the trade and of the legal requirements imposed, and shall have such education and experience as the Board shall determine, and where appropriate, shall possess a valid State Certificate. 
      (2)    Application. The application shall be presented to the Department of Building and Zoning Inspection properly filled out and accompanied by a processing fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00).  The Building Official or his designee shall review the application and shall grant the registration or license when satisfied that the applicant complies with the qualifications and standards established by the Board.  Should the applicant fail to meet the standards and qualifications established by the Board, he cannot re-apply until six months have expired from the date of the initial application, and the second application shall be accompanied by a new application fee.  If the applicant is unsuccessful in his second attempt at the application, he cannot re-apply until one year has expired from the date of the second application and shall again accompany his application with a new application fee.
   (b)    The Board shall periodically examine the various State and/or national codes, if there be any, and rules of accredited agencies as listed in the Building Code concerning the particular work governed by the Board, and make recommendations for the adoption of amendments to this Building Code.
   (c)    The Board shall receive and hear complaints which arise against any person, firm or corporation possessing electrical, warm air heating and air conditioning or plumbing licenses, and shall have the power, after hearing, to suspend or revoke any licenses under its jurisdiction for the following reasons:
      (1)    Violation of provisions of this Building Code;
      (2)    Misrepresentation of material facts in obtaining the certificates of competency, licenses or the renewal of licenses; and
      (3)    Failure to secure the permits, inspections and approvals required by this Building Code.
   (d)    (1)    Certificate of registration and licenses. After having met the standards and qualifications as provided herein, the applicant shall be issued a certificate of registration as provided for by the Board, and such certificate shall state the fact that the applicant has met the standards and qualifications and met the requirements of the Board and is entitled to secure a license by paying the proper fee within ninety days from the date the certificate is issued.  The license shall be issued in the name of the Board by the Secretary of the Board upon the payment of the proper fees to the Department of Building and Zoning Inspection as provided in this Building Code.
      (2)    Dormant certificates. The holder of a certificate of competency may keep it valid by securing a dormant special license upon the payment of a ten dollar ($10.00) dormant renewal fee. The above dormant license shall be established not later than January 31, and a certificate of competency shall remain dormant throughout the year and may be renewed not later than January 31 of each succeeding year. The certificate of competency may be reactivated only during January of the following year by paying the proper renewal fees for the class of license made dormant.
   (e)    The Building Official shall be the Secretary of the Board as a nonvoting member, and respective inspectors of the work governed by the Board shall be nonvoting members.
   (f)    A quorum shall be four members of the Board, and any action taken by the Board shall require a majority vote. A majority shall mean four members of the Board.
(Ord. 118-99. Passed 7-26-99.)