(a)    Permits for Removal. The Building Official shall be given not less than forty- eight hours after the filing of an application for a permit to move or raze a building, to inspect such building and adjoining buildings and structures, and if he finds that the work can be executed safely in the manner proposed and that the resulting conditions will not violate any of the provisions of this Building Code or other ordinances of the City, he shall issue a permit therefor upon conditions that he deems best for the preservation of public safety.
   (b)    Lot Regulation. Whenever a building is demolished or removed, the premises shall be maintained free from all unsafe or hazardous conditions by the proper regulation of the lot, restoration of established grades and the erection of the necessary retaining walls and fences.
   (c)    Property Line Markers. Before any work for which a permit is required is started on a new building or on an addition to an existing building, all boundary line intersections of the site where the building or addition is to be located shall be marked with permanent markers, except that if it is not possible to maintain such markers during construction, accurately located offset markers may be used. Such markers shall be set so as to be easily located at any time during the construction of the building or addition.
   (d)    Compliance with Permit. All work shall conform to the approved application and plans for which the permit has been issued and any approved amendments thereto.
   (e)    Compliance with Plot Plan. All new work shall be located strictly in accordance with the approved plot plan.
   (f)    Change in Plot Plan. No lot or plot shall be changed, increased or diminished in area from that shown on the official plot plan, unless a revised diagram showing such changes accompanied by the necessary affidavit of owner or applicant shall have been filed and approved, except that such revised plot plan will not be required if the change is caused by reason of an official street opening, street widening or other public improvement.
(Ord. 132-1968. Passed 9-23-68.)