(a)    Preliminary Inspection. Before issuing a permit, the Building Official shall examine or cause to be examined all buildings, structures and sites for which an application has been filed for a permit to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, demolish or change the use thereof; and he shall conduct such inspections from time to time during and upon completion of the work for which he has issued a permit. He shall maintain a record of all such examinations and inspections and of all violations of this Building Code.
   (b)    Inspection of Structural Elements. No structural element shall be covered so as to be made unreasonably inaccessible for inspection until such structural element has been inspected and approved by the Building Official or his authorized agent or employee. The contractor, owner or other person in charge of construction shall orally or in writing notify the Building Department at least twenty-four hours before an inspection is requested, advising the type and location of the inspection.
   The structural elements referred to herein shall include but not be limited to footings, footing drains, foundation walls, including damp-proofing and all accessories, roof water drains and piping, side walls, partition walls, whether bearing or not, floors and ceilings, roofs, chimneys, flues of all kinds, plumbing systems, water systems, heating apparatus and appurtenances, cooling systems, yard sewers and drains, elevators and stairways.
   (c)    Accredited Inspection Services. The Building Official may accept reports of his own inspectors or of approved inspection services which satisfy his requirements as to qualifications and reliability.
   (d)    Plant Inspection. When required by the provisions of this Building Code or by the approved rules, materials or assemblies shall be inspected at the point of manufacture or fabrication.
   (e)    Inspection Reports. All inspection reports shall be in writing and shall be certified by the licensed authority, or responsible officer of the service, or by the individual when expert inspection services are accepted. A label or mark of approval permanently fixed to the product indicating that factory inspection has been made shall be accepted in lieu of the aforesaid report in writing.
   (f)    Final Inspection. Upon completion of the building or structure, a final inspection shall be made and all violations of the approved plans and permit shall be noted and the holder of the permit shall be notified of the discrepancies.
(Ord. 132-1968. Passed 9-23-68.)