The Building Official shall enforce all the provisions of this Building Code and shall act on any question relative to the mode or manner of construction and the materials to be used in the erection, addition to, alteration, repair, removal, demolition, installation of service equipment, and the location, use, occupancy and maintenance of all buildings and structures, except as may otherwise be specifically provided for by statutory requirements or as herein provided:
   (a)    Applications and Permits. He shall receive applications and issue permits for the erection and alteration of buildings and structures and examine the premises for which such permits have been issued and enforce compliance with the Building Code provisions.
   (b)    Building Notices and Orders. He shall issue all necessary notices or orders to remove illegal or unsafe conditions, to require the necessary safeguards during construction, to require adequate exit facilities in existing buildings and structures, and to insure compliance with all the Building Code requirements for the safety, health and general welfare of the public.
   (c)    Inspections. He shall make all the required inspections, or he may accept reports of inspection of authoritative and recognized services or individuals, and all reports of such inspections shall be in writing and certified by a responsible officer of such authoritative service or by the responsible individual; or he may engage such expert opinion as he may deem necessary to report upon unusual technical issues that may arise, subject to the approval of the appointing authority.
   (d)    Department Records. He shall keep official records of applications received, permits and certificates issued, fees collected, reports of inspections, and notices and orders issued. File copies of all papers in connection with building operations shall be retained in the official records so long as the building or structure to which they relate remains in existence.
   (e)    Annual Report. At least annually, he shall submit to the Mayor a written statement of all permits and certificates issued, orders promulgated and materials approved.
      (Ord. 132-1968. Passed 9-23-68.)