(a)    No work, including digging over ground to sow grass seed, planting trees, shrubs or bushes, or making new beds for flowers, shall be done on plots except under the directions or with the approval of the Director of Public Service. All trees, shrubs, or bushes must be kept within the boundaries of the plot. Existing trees, shrubs and bushes on all plots must be kept trimmed and cut so that they in no way interfere with adjoining plots. The Director of Public Service has the right to have any unkept or interfering trees, shrubs and bushes removed from any plot, and shall have any loose item removed from any plot within a reasonable time after placement.
   (b)    Burials and all related work shall only be performed by the City or those persons granted permission by the City.
   (c)    Markers or memorials may be placed on plots and shall in all respects be maintained by plot owners. The City shall have no duty to maintain any marker or memorial.
   (d)    The Director of Public Service shall see that the ordinances in this chapter and the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto are strictly enforced.
(Ord. 119-1996. Passed 9-9-96.)