No person other than a duly authorized officer of the City shall make an excavation in any street, sidewalk or public ground within the City, for any purpose whatsoever, unless he shall have obtained a permit in writing therefore from the Division of Engineering of the Department of Public Service. The charge for the permit shall be forty dollars ($40.00) for each permit issued by the Department of Public Service, and in addition thereto, the applicant for such permit shall furnish a deposit approved by the City Engineer in a sufficient amount to cover the cost or expense of filling such excavation and of restoring to its former condition such street or public ground where the same shall nave been excavated, and for the payment of any expense incurred by the City in replacing or supplying the materials disturbed or removed by such excavation. The provisions of this section shall not apply to such person as heretofore has been or hereafter shall be granted permission by ordinance to make excavations in the streets of the City for the purpose of laying water pipes, sewers or conduits therein, or for the purpose of laying street railroad tracks.
(Ord. 35-2007.  Passed 3-12-07.)