(a)   No alarm user shall maintain an operational alarm system other than one serving a residential dwelling unit, upon any premises in the City, without first registering the alarm system with the Alarm Administrator in accordance with this Chapter.  A separate registration shall be required for each premises served by an alarm system.
   (b)   Registration of an alarm system shall be made on a form to be provided to the Alarm Administrator, correctly containing and/or having attached the following information:
      (1)   The full name, street address and mailing address of alarm user;
      (2)   The common name and street address of the premises where the alarm system is installed;
      (3)   The name and contact information of any Alarm Monitoring Business engaged to monitor the alarm system;
      (4)   A floor plan of the premises served by the alarm system on paper or in electronic format acceptable to the Alarm Administrator;
      (5)   The names and contact information of any persons the alarm user wishes to be contacted in case of an alarm and/or a malfunction;
      (6)   Any additional, relevant information specifically requested by the Alarm Administrator.
   (c)   Each initial registration of an alarm system shall be accompanied by a one-time fee of fifty dollars ($50.00). It shall be the duty of the alarm user to amend the registration to reflect any change of information provided in the initial registration.  No fee shall be charged for such amendment, except that a change in the identity of the alarm user shall be deemed a new initial registration.
   (d)   Registrations recorded pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall remain in effect until canceled by the alarm user or the City, but only upon a new registration by a new alarm user or satisfactory evidence that there is no operational alarm system at the premises.
   (e)   Each Alarm Monitoring Business operating within the City shall provide a copy of this Chapter to new customers located in the City. 
(Ord. 70-2011.  Passed 7-25-11.)