No person shall go upon any premises and ring the door bell upon or near any door, or rap or knock upon any door, or create any sound in any manner calculated to attract the attention of any occupant of such premises for the purpose of securing an audience with the occupant(s) thereof to engage in solicitation as defined in this chapter if:
   (a)   It is earlier than 9:00 a.m. or later than 9:00 p.m. local time; or
   (b)   There is posted upon or near the main entrance door of such premises a notice, not less than three inches by five inches and not more than fifteen square inches, containing the words “No Soliciting” in letters at least one inch in height; or
   (c)   There is posted upon or near each entrance to a residential development the inhabitants of which are members of a bona fide condominium or homeowners’ association a sign, placed by said association, not less than two and not more than four square feet containing the words “No Soliciting” in letters at least four inches in height.
   Any sign which complies with this section shall not count as a sign for purposes of determining the maximum number of signs permitted by the Sign and Landscaping Code. 
(Ord. 56-1999.  Passed 3-8-99.)