(a)   When any person, being the owner or having custody or control of any dog is charged with a violation of this chapter, the court may, upon motion of any party or its own motion, order the seizure and impoundment of the dog pending trial.
   (b)   In the event that a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that a dangerous, aggressive or vicious dog is running at large, he may seize and impound the dog without seeking prior court order.
   (c)   Nothing within this section shall be construed to prevent a law enforcement officer from seizing or destroying any animal which presents an immediate risk of physical harm to any person or property.
   (d)   Any dog that attacks and injures any person or another dog, cat or domestic farm animal shall be ordered humanely destroyed when, in the court’s judgment, such dog represents a continuing threat of serious harm to persons or other such animals.  The Chief of Police or his designee may petition a court of competent jurisdiction for an order to humanely destroy any dog impounded pursuant to this chapter which represents a threat of harm to any person caring for such animal.  The court shall order any dog that kills or causes serious physical harm to any person, other than a person then committing a criminal trespass or other crime of violence upon the premises of the owner of such dog, humanely destroyed.
(Ord.  36-2019.  Passed 6-10-19.)